In Between Visits

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Of course, we love to see our patients and catch up on their lives, but  for the sake of their health, we don’t want to see them more than we have to. Daily dental routines ensure that our patients stay healthy and smiling in between their regular check ups.

The best course of action for daily dental health is creating a brushing and flossing plan that works for you. Most ideally, we recommend brushing at the least before and after you go to bed. For most people that means once at night and once in the morning. We also recommend that you floss at least once a day.

To keep your teeth even whiter and your gums and mouth even healthier, you may want to introduce brushing after each meal to wash away any plaque build up. Keeping a toothbrush in a little bag at work or in your care will help with this process. However, if you don’t have access to a bathroom or sink for brushing, simply chewing sugarless gum or rinsing your mouth after a meal can flush out acids that form with the sugars and bacteria in your mouth.

The next time you come in for an appointment, talk with us about your daily routine. Be honest about your time and schedule. We know that lives are busy and hectic, but creating a routine that works for you can ensure we don’t have to see you too often – unless of course you just want to come say “hello!”